Scribbler was featured in the Apparel Magazine in May 2020. We forgot to put it in our blog, so here we go:

Here is what they had to say about us:

Scribbler Gear is founded by Camila Dixon and is based now in Auckland. Since her move from South Africa to New Zealand in 2016, she has been mesmerised by the beautiful New Zealand sceneries that were just waiting to be explored. However, as most Aucklander’s know, the constant rain that seemed to be forever interrupting her explorations, became frustrating.

Dixon lives by the quote “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, thus, she began her quest in finding the most ‘appropriate’ clothing for rain-loving Auckland.

Scribbler is not your usual dull navy/brown/black rain jackets. That just won’t cut it. Scribbler creates colourful, creative and weatherproof gear – perfect for outdoor exploring!

Scribbler is made from innovative “technical” fabrics, ones that are actually waterproof (not just showerproof), and ones that aren’t made from rubber which would make you so warm that you’d just want to take it off!

Technical fabrics are designed to keep water out – waterproof, and are still breathable.

Scribbler Gear is known for their colourful patterns, so your raincoat is something you’d want to show off!

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