About us

About us

At Scribbler we encourage you to 'stand out in the rain' - and we mean that in both senses.

Scribbler is a functional fashion brand that is proudly designed in New Zealand and tested here too - where there is some pretty wild weather! We take the best of both worlds in creating Scribbler - the technical, functional aspects from outdoor gear as well as the aesthetic fashion focused elements like fit, colour and pattern to create something truly comfortable and flattering that also expresses your style.

Scribbler started with me, Camila. I had always dreamed about being a fashion designer as a child. I started out designing and sewing clothes by hand for my Barbie dolls, eventually getting my first sewing machine at age 15 and going on to design and make my own clothes growing up. This taught me a lot about how to make clothes that flatter and are comfortable.

We moved with my children and performance wear designer husband from South Africa to New Zealand in 2016. We were excited by the beautiful, lush vegetation and the bright, buzzing cities just waiting to be explored - but, were also a bit put out by the constant rain which seemed to be forever interrupting our best laid plans for adventure.

We had read somewhere that there is no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing. So, we decided to find this 'appropriate clothing' and get on with the business of exploring our new home. What we found wasn't very exciting - lots of hiking apparel in black and navy, and boxy fits - there was nothing that expressed our own sense of style AND worked.

And so, the idea of Scribbler was born. I used all of my husband's 20 years of performance wear design knowledge - from working for UK sailing brands and South African outdoor brands - and applied it to creating beautiful, unique, stylish rain jackets that were also fully technical and functional.

We hope you love what we create - and that it will be something that will be used over and over and that it will make you feel good, every time you put it on - rain or shine.

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