How we started

About us

Scribbler started when we moved from South Africa to New Zealand in 2016.

We were mesmerised by the beautiful, lush vegetation and the bright, buzzing cities just waiting to be explored - but, to be honest, we were also a bit put out by the constant rain which seemed to be forever interrupting our best laid plans for adventure.

We had read somewhere that there is no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing. So, we decided to find this 'appropriate clothing' so that we could get on with the business of exploring our new home. What we found wasn't very exciting - lots of hiking apparel in black and navy, and boxy fits - there was nothing that expressed our own taste AND actually worked.

And so, Scribbler was born.

At Scribbler we create colourful, creative, weatherproof gear that will allow you to do the things you love, explore new (and old!) places, whenever you want, and look and feel good too!


What's all this talk about technical fabrics?

When we were out looking for raincoats, we found a few different types:

1) Nice fabrics with nice prints but only 'showerproof' - which we discovered does not mean 'waterproof' at all. Showerproof fabrics do not repel water. These are no good...

2) Rubber jackets that completely repel water, but if you move, will have you sopping wet on the inside, but from your own sweat! Not ideal...

3) Technical fabrics that are designed to keep water out (waterproof) and let your sweat out (breathability), but most of the time are just one colour, and generally come in black... 


So, this is where Scribbler comes in - we take the good stuff from all of these and combine them - our fabrics are breathable (so you can still be active), waterproof (so you won't get wet over a long period of time) and have nice designs and textures - so it doesn't always feel like you're wearing 'just a raincoat', but actually, a key piece of your wardrobe that you are proud to be seen in.