No more 'plain black, wet sausages'!

We started Scribbler in 2017 to give our customers the freedom and confidence to be outside, in all weather, doing the things they love with the ones they love and feel 100% comfortable and stylish

No more 'plain black, wet sausages', as one of our customers described how she felt in her pre-Scribbler rain jacket. We hear you! Scribbler brings you vibrant colour, design and fun alongside technical protection and comfort that really works. And we take quality pretty seriously, as do you. If you aren't happy with something - please tell us - we will make it right!

You can take your Scribbler coat on your commute to work, walking your fur babies, skiing, picking up kids, SUP-ing or shopping! Not only that, but you will look and feel truly amazing and never get caught unprepared in unpredictable weather. It's winning all the way!

We know you love being outdoors (we do too!) - so we made these. We hope you love them.

Meet the founder

I'm Camila Dixon (the small girl in the photo!) - the founder of Scribbler. I am the daughter of a Colombian mum (the beautiful lady in the photo!) who has a passion for literature and flowers (heard of Colombian roses and orchids?) and an entomologist (ever seen a Morpho butterfly in the Amazon?)/garment technologist dad from the UK. My immigrant parents raised my brother and I in the vast, alive, flora-and-fauna-filled land of South Africa where I learned quickly how much I loved flowers, being outdoors and designing and making my own clothes. I then became an immigrant myself, to the verdant, lush country of Aotearoa, which has now become home for me and my small family.

Call me 'Rain'

A love of the rain isn't something many people have, but I have always loved it. I even wanted my name to be changed to 'Rain', and asked to be called that for a while. Huh - teenagers, right? 

Coming to New Zealand meant a lot more rain than I was used to, more often than I was used to, and at much more unpredictable times than I was used to. It was pretty much impossible to predict! I got soaking wet walking to fetch my kids from school when just moments before there was scorching sun, watching my kids play sport, walking to the car with arm-loads of shopping, in the middle of pristine nature walks or wild bike rides. Just when things were getting good, the heavens would open up, and I was not prepared for it! So, I went looking for 'the perfect raincoat' for my new home. Problem was, I couldn't really find anything that lit that light on inside - you know that feeling, right? So, I decided to use my husband's 20 years of experience in performance wear design and my popcorn pot of ideas to create Scribbler.

Scribbler is an expression of both who and where I come from: my family, my birth country (Colombia), my childhood home (South Africa) and my new home (New Zealand). There is a piece of myself in every item you wear, and I am very grateful you are here.

Gracias. Ngiyabonga. Nga mihi nui.