Why settle for a regular raincoat when you can have a Scribbler?

When it comes to staying dry and stylish, Scribbler has got you covered. Literally! Their waterproof rain parkas and coats are not your average outerwear. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and features, choosing the perfect Scribbler for your next outing can be a fun and exciting experience.

1. Consider the weather conditions

Before you embark on your next adventure, take a moment to think about the weather. Is it going to be a light drizzle or a heavy downpour? Is it freezing cold or just a little bit cool? Is there a howling gale or just a light breeze?

Scribbler offers different types of rain gear with different features to suit various weather conditions. From lightweight and breathable, to warm and cosy options - they have something to suit every occasion.

2. Find your style

Who says raincoats have to be boring? Scribbler rain gear comes in a variety of styles and designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colours or beautiful patterns, there's a waterproof coat that reflects your unique personality. After all, why blend in when you can make a splash?

3. Don't forget about functionality

While style is important, functionality should not be overlooked. Look for features like adjustable hoods (particularly for windy conditions), waterproof zippers or storm flaps over zippers, and sealed seams to ensure maximum protection against heavy rain. The best choices for extremely heavy rain over long periods would be Scribbler's mesh-lined and lined coats as well as the new trench style.

Pockets - both internal and external are also a handy addition for storing your essentials while keeping them dry.

Length of coat is another element to consider - do you want maximum or minimum coverage? 

Level of warmth is another - do you want lightweight to allow layering or do you want something that will insulate and keep you warm? The best options for colder weather (but lower levels of waterproofness) would be Scribbler's fleece bonded coats or one of our waterproof vests which are great for cooler temps.

4. Size matters

When it comes to rain parkas, finding the right fit is crucial. You don't want to feel restricted or drown in excess fabric, but you also want the style to suit your activity. Check the sizing chart provided by Scribbler and measure yourself to find the perfect fit. Remember, a well-fitted coat not only looks better but also provides better protection. There is a different size chart for jackets and vests as they are worn slightly differently.

5. Read reviews and recommendations

Still unsure which Scribbler to choose? Don't worry, many others have already paved the way. Take advantage of our online reviews and recommendations to get insights from fellow rain-loving explorers. Their experiences can help you make an informed decision and find the rain jacket or raincoat that suits your needs.

6. Embrace your inner fashionista

Choosing a Scribbler waterproof raincoat is not just about staying dry; it's also an opportunity to express your personal style. Mix and match your jacket or coat with other accessories like colourful rain boots (coming soon to Scribbler!) or a funky umbrella. Let your creativity shine through and turn rainy days into fashion statements.

7. Don't forget to have fun!

So, the next time you're planning an outing and the forecast calls for rain, remember these tips and choose a Scribbler rain parka that will keep you dry, stylish, and ready for any adventure that comes your way!

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