Mich Texturas is a Mexican illustrator and graphic artist who has been passionate about drawing since she can remember. She is the talented artist who Scribbler collaborated with to create the gorgeous Kereru & Co. print for our kids waterproof rain jacket collection.

When she was a little girl she was inspired to draw by the books in her family home - books about crafts and fairy tales, books that featured pre-Hispanic iconography and history as well as books on science and encyclopaedias. She was a huge fan of cartoons (who wasn't!) and drew at every chance that she could get.

She went on to study graphic design and worked for many years as Art Director in different media agencies, before throwing it all in and starting her own business as a muralist, illustrator and designer.

"This way I have more time for my own personal projects!"

Today, Mich Texturas draws inspiration (pun intended!) from the things she loves most - animals, nature, travel and the culture and traditions of her home - Mexico. Mich uses the influence of her culture in her unique style of illustration and has brought this into the print she developed for Scribbler. 


When working on this project with Scribbler, Mich Texturas took a look at the different birds of Aotearoa and selected five as well as the iconic pohutukawa to illustrate in her signature style. Even after researching the birds of New Zealand, Mich still has the kiwi as her favourite. 

"My favourite has to be the kiwi - I find it special and different to the other birds. It was the only one that I knew was native to New Zealand. Now of course, I have had this opportunity to research other native New Zealand birds and discovered beautiful birds with iridescent colours, but still - the kiwi is my number one!"


Mich Texturas was the designer behind a range of emojis made specifically for Mexico city to reflect their cultural context more closely and uniquely. Mich Texturas has not yet travelled to our shores, but says she would love to one day.

"I've seen photos of your country - the beaches, landscapes that are so green, the flora and fauna and I'm in love! I'd love to travel it all and to take home one of the five dollar bills, because it has a penguin on it!"


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