Resoborg is the internationally acclaimed muralist and artist that Scribbler collaborated with to create one of our newest prints for our lightweight kids waterproof rain jacket collection - the Tuatara.

And yes, you saw that correctly - that is a tuatara on a skateboard! Skateboarding, it turns out, was the spring board (pun intended!) for Resoborg's career into art. Born and bred in Durban, South Africa, Resoborg puts his start in art down to his first attempts at joining the 'cool kids' with their pro-skateboards and flash graphics, by drawing and painting on blank skateboard decks himself: 

"I did not have the opportunity to study art at school, but with skateboarding and the culture around the sport, I was introduced to interesting artists that created work for skateboarding companies. I was never able to afford to buy a pro skateboard which had graphics on the boards, and could only get the blank skateboards which I then started to pain and draw on, so I could be cool like the other kids."

Resoborg illustration

Resoborg's work highlights things that are often overlooked by every day life and he attempts to create a positive message in his art that celebrates life. 

"I love nature and the different cultures that make up our diverse planet. I like to find interesting aspects of culture and nature and celebrate it in my specific style of work. I like to research and find interesting things that sometimes get overlooked and to highlight them in my artworks."


So, what did he have to say about working on this project with Scribbler? 
"I have really enjoyed pushing myself and creating elements that represent the kiwi landscape. I am so used to working with elements that come from Africa that it was really fun and interesting to research lizards and the different plants you get in New Zealand and then translate it into the repeat pattern."
True advertising office mural by Resoborg


And actually, Resoborg is no stranger to our beautiful Aotearoa - he has left some of his striking artwork here in Auckland at the offices of advertising agency True - based in Grey Lynn, where he was commissioned to paint a mural in their head office - shown here.

"It was a fantastic project and opportunity to visit your wonderful country. Although I did not have that much time to do much exploring outside of Auckland, I did see a bit of the nature and beaches nearby and was blown away with the beauty that exists on that side of world! You are lucky to live there."
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